Rating: 7 A cool percussion melody to start this tune out -and it has some funky melodies-that are playing along-and a artist is singing like he is in a circus of some kind as well. A far out wierd sound with the vocals and lyrics and they are very kooky-but the melodies are kind of hip and contemporary-and its kind of a new style and sound.

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     Album Immortality 2009

Rating: 7 This is an excellent song. Alovely chorus and and has great chords. The drums are a great addition to the track. The vocal are outstanding and the back up just brings the whole track together. I couldnt imagine what the album sounds like. Overall and great song

 This is a indie sounding group. Could fit very well in a college environment or a live band atmosphere. But definitely not on the ready. The first thing that pop up in my mind is that it would do very good in a opening of a movie, tv show or commercial

Rating: 7 The beginning sounds like a up beat tone. This sounds like a party song. I like the singers voice and the instruments used and the way the artist voice uses the sound of the instruments to make his voice sound more clear. His voice is clear and nice.

Rating: 8 I like the drums in the start really brings the mood! The lirics are pretty cool but the vocals are the best they realy make the somg standout! The tube us very catchy and the melody is quite perfect and amazing! absoultly wonderful! The music was really quite good

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Rating: 10 This is an amazing song. The instrumental duo of the drums and the violin are just a work of art. But my favourite part of this song is the voice of this singer its amazing i wonder how somone could have a such a beutiful voice. The melody and vocals are amazing.

 the song is good, is really short but has a good rythme. the vocals makes you feel the lyrics. the song has a special beat and type of music has a combination of contry with rock, but is a good combination thanks to the instruments


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SUNMINDS  EP       2012

Rating: 9 Is it the singer or the rhythm or even both? I choose both the singer and the rhythm, the singer sang great along with the rhythm,furthermore the singer did a amazing job not just singing the song,but establish or set a great tone in the song ,additionally he or she sang from the heart.

 I like this song. Its a good song for me when I work on homework and other stuff. I like the start more better than the end. It had a hardcore vibe for me and its a amazing song but the lyrics are great. The song is nice.

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Rating: 8 This song has an incredible introduction beat. It's very loud and really leads you into the song with energy. This song has amazing instrumental skills and the arrangement sounds great. The singing is grand the singer has a very nice low voice and tone. The lyrics are somewhat repetitive but sound together. I enjoyed this.

 a very fast and rapid start to the song with a cool drums and guitar duo in the background. great vocals and a amazing follow up on the lyrics that can teach us a few things about the world. overall this song is great and has a bunch of cool effects on the song