at first i got a hispanic vibe for some reason. then the singing began and it really suprised me, it wasnt what i was expecting but its interesting. its not typically what id listen to but songs like this encourage me to broaden my horizon.

The music is actually really fun to listen to overall it is awesome! I think that this is a really cool beat to listen to! The vocals are outstanding to it's really cool to listen to the song! he instrumental is on point to! Overall 9/10!

Rating: 9 The song has a great selection of musical instruments. The voice of the man sound like he has a very happy attitude and wants to share the way he feels with others. He has amazing vocals that can reach different vocal lengths like high and low pitchs that can get him to different sounds. He sounds like a character in a book i am reading where the guy is bery energetic

The indie opening guitar riff is so warm and welcoming — I imagine myself drinking a cup of coffee while the afternoon rain pours and enjoying my day as this tune plays! With upbeat beats and an uplifting voice singing the song, I can see myself recommending this to a friend as summer approaches and they're looking for new songs.

 The beginning has a wonderful beat to it and then it pushes to the louder beat that's ever better. The singer's voice kind of comes in surprisingly lower than expected but then as he continues to sing, it begins to sound wonderful with the music. Especially how he does the high pitched thing with his voice in the chorus. That sounds super cool. Also the lyrics are super great.

 it start whit a good beat like a good .the vocals is good it sound like a good american song like a long time ago song it is so good i dont know what to say to the singer he sing the song so good

 i like the come kind of tropical beat. the words make me feel welcome. the vocals are great , i see no why this song should not get a ten. its is vert calm cool and and I think it is a great thing to listen to to calm you when your mad are get you nice and relaxed for bed.

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Rating: 8 I like the way it starts with the string instrament. And then the man with the very calm voice. I would play this song at a starbucks or at a family gathering or at a camp fire. I woul hear this type of song at marshals

THE New sound of indie music

Rating: 9 The drums starting off the song gives it a little mystery and having the guitar come in catches my attention. The vocals are all on pitch but I wish the words were sung clearer. The hook of the song is really good and the lyrics are well written.

SPRING  2015

 it sounds like those smooth songs to listen on porch outside of your house or like at a very nice view with your girlfriend or when your friend leaves town. i`m not going to lie its one of the best songs i herd in my life

The singer puts real feeling and competence in his song. The instruments seems to be interesting, such as, the guitar, piano, and drums. The beats are precisely balanced with the background production. It's a great solo song that sounds like their are more than one singers. Overall, it's vocally and instrumentally profound an interesting.

Rating: 6 I like more of the hip hop type music but this sound's like a nice chill song i would listen too if I am going somewhere by myself something i would just chill too in the car or maybe if you and your friends are at some ones house and just sitting there it would be a good song too listen too.


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